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Welcome to Legalquest Network, P.C. we provide the following services:



We can help you to obtain a green card and becoming a permanent resident of the United States. We at Legalquest Network, P.C. are ready to take on even the toughest green card cases and help you achieve legal, permanent residency in the United States.



At Legalquest Network, P.C., Immigration Attorneys we can help to keep you on the path of the naturalization process and achieving the American dream to achieving US citizenship.

All Types of Visa's

All Types of Visas

We can assist you with every type of visa including those for a fiance, family, work, travel and all others. Our goal at Legalquest Network, P.C and Associates is to keep families and loved ones together and provide assistance to those around the world for the opportunity to live and work in the United States.

Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

We can defend you against removal from the US. The civil proceeding of deportation is when a non-U.S. citizen is to be removed from the United States for violation of certain immigration or criminal laws. In addition, we handle immigration appeals and waivers, as well as any immigration lawsuits that may arise.

Immigration Lawsuits

Immigration Lawsuits

Potential immigrants to the United States who have had their applications mishandled by the government naturally feel intimidated by having to deal with the U.S. Immigration Services.

Waivers & Appeals

Waivers & Appeals

Potential immigrants to the United States who have had their applications mishandled by the government naturally feel intimidated by having to deal with the U.S. Immigration Services.

Our Team

Our Team

Awards & Memberships

Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2000

Client Reviews

4.9***** (5-star) over 175 Reviews

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Alyssa Helkowski Avatar

Roger & his team have been great to work with. Everything was very simple. They give us all information upfront. Timelines, and proper exceptions for all question and paperwork that would be needed. The process was quick and easy. Pricing was very reasonable. Over all we are very happy with our services.

Alyssa Helkowski 8/28/2019
A.A Khawaja Avatar

Thank you so much Sir Roger Rathi for assisting my immigration matter. Words cannot express my administration. Legal quest is great immigration law firm . They provide best services to their clients. Sir Roger is very caring supportive and kind hearted and knowledgeable person always replies on time and gives his best advice . As per my opinion it’s a best law firm in USA.


Aneela Akbar

A.A Khawaja 8/14/2019
Sangeetha Priyadarshini Avatar

Lawyer Rathi and his team assisted me and my husband in the process of adjustment of status. The team was very quick and thorough in all aspects of the process. My husband and I had a smooth experience and the lawyers answered all our questions and concerns promptly. The online portal was very convenient in communicating with Rathi and his team. We are extremely happy with the service and would recommend it to friends and family.

Sangeetha Priyadarshini 7/30/2019
Aaaron D Avatar

My fiance and I used Roger's Team at legal quest for a K1 fiance Visa. My fiance is from Brazil and I live in the United States. Roger's team helped us with the process and using his service is much more stream lined than attempting this process by yourself. The price for the process was very competitive and in my opinion the price was much more reasonable than any of the other attorneys that I contacted. We were very happy with the results!! Thank you Roger and Lauren!!

Aaaron D 7/18/2019
Nora Bebe Avatar

Working with Mr.Roger on my immigration process was one of the best things that ever happened to me. His level of expertise Is very high, I also found Roger to be a lawyer who makes you feel you are his only client. He'll spend time explaining you the process up to the finest detail and answer all of your questions with patience. He'll frequently follow up with you and update you with the status and progress of your case. He'll clearly guide you and give you the right recommendations everytime.

Nora Bebe 7/13/2019
Milica Vukosavljevic Avatar

The best lawyer!!!

I did the best choice when I decided to hire Roger as a lawyer. I got approved on the spot, interview went smooth and we felt so much comfortable because Roger was with us. He exactly knows what he is doing.

He will listen you, give you advice, prepare paperwork so you can be sure you will get the best at the end. He and his team always replied back on my messages and they kept me updated during this whole process.

Don't think twice, hire Roger and his team and you will be happy at the end just as I am now!

And again thank you so much!

Milica Vukosavljevic 7/03/2019
Tarun Decenzo Avatar

Attorney Rodger, did awesome job on my immigration nationalization I am very thankful for all he has done. Awesome team awesome job great result I am very satisfied😍🕺💪👍🙏🤝👏.

Tarun Decenzo 6/25/2019
Neha Sood Avatar

Roger was great! He helped us file our paperwork for my husbands green card. Since we were not local, and he couldn't make it to our interview, he spoke to us a few days before on the phone, that too after hours to accomodate our work schedules, to make sure we were prepared for the interview. We were approved on the spot. Highly recommend!!

Neha Sood 6/12/2019
Ozair Ali Avatar

Roger was very helpful and was kind and very easy to deal with. I could reach him at any time and he was very responsive. Most importantly he was honest. I would highly recommend him for any immigration or other legal issues anyone might have. Very professional.

Ozair Ali 6/01/2019
Palki Arora Avatar

I had an amazing experience with Mr. Rathi. He and his team is really dedicated for whatever case they take and help till the last point of the case. I always recommend him to all my friends and relatives.

Palki Arora 5/28/2019
Rasom S Avatar

I was totally blind sided by a criminal proceeding against me which had serious immigration implication. We were overwhelmed by our discussions with many attorneys in Detroit area until we finally found Legalquest. They were compassionate yet profession in their handling of the case. We got a very realistic assessment of potential outcomes their and implications from an immigration stand point. They also use technology to make communicating with them seamless. THIS TEAM WITHOUT A DOUBT KNOWS IT'S TRADE. I would trust them blind folded on criminal defense matters especially if you are not a citizen. Thank you Legalquest for helping me.

Rasom S 5/20/2019
Shailesh Negi Avatar

The entire legal quest team is very professional and most importantly prompt! They truly understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to immigrant visa processing and work as your best advocate. I would highly recommend Legal quest and would be very happy to associate with them in the future.

Shailesh Negi 5/17/2019
krishna Patel Avatar

Roger is an excellent immigration attorney. He handled my immigration case and helped me to come out of the issue. He answered all my questions very patiently and professionally. I'm thankful to him forever.He help me for my Green card.

Highly recommend this law firm.

krishna Patel 5/08/2019
Megan Miranda Avatar

Roger truly is an amazing lawyer and person. He helped me receive my green card in a very timely manner , 5 months. During the whole time roger and his team would answer any questions I had. The day of the interview I was very nervous but roger was with us and reassured me that it would be okay. He is a very professional but also very likeable. I will always return to use roger for any legal needs. I am so grateful to him :) would recommend him a million times !

Megan Miranda 3/22/2019
Sneha P. Avatar

Roger is an excellent immigration attorney. He handled my immigration case and helped me to come out of the issue. He answered all my questions very patiently and professionally. I'm thankful to him forever.

Highly recommend this law firm.

Sneha P. 2/22/2019
Xin C. Avatar

Attorney Roger answered all my questions patiently and professionally. I have worked with other immigration attorney before and didn't have good experience. On the contrary, he is knowledge and had offered great service.

Xin C. 2/14/2019
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Our Fees

Type Of Case
Level of Service
AA-101 Initial Phone Consultation (30 Minutes) Free
AA-102 Review of Decision or Document or 2nd Opinion (up to 1 hour) $200
CD-101 Criminal Defense, minor charge - 2 hearings $1,500
NA-102 Naturalization - Advice & Receive How to Do it Yourself Kit $500
NA-103 Naturalization - Advice, Prepare & File Petition - No Interview $600
NA-104 Naturalization - Advice, Prepare, File & Attend Interview $1,100
NA-105 Naturalization - with criminal, physical presence or other issues $2,000
MGC-101 Marriage Based Green Card or Adjustment - Strategy, Advice & What to file $300
MGC-102 Marriage Based Green Card or Adjustment - Advice & Receive How to Do it Yourself Kit $700
MGC-103 Marriage Based Green Card or Adjustment - Advice, Prepare & File Petition $1,400
MGC-104 Marriage Based Green Card or Adjustment - Advice, Prepare, File & Attend Interview $2,200
H1B-101 H-1B Visa - Strategy, Advice & What to file $200
H1B-102 H-1B Visa - Advice, Prepare & File Petition $1,500
EP-101 Employment Based Petition - Strategy, Advice & What to file $200
EP-102 Employment Based Petition - Advice & Receive How to Do it Yourself Kit $1,000
EP-103 Employment Based Petition - Advice, Prepare & File Petition $4,500
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Free Phone Consultation - 30 minutes [Schedule Appointment] Hiring: Legal Service Agreement Payment Plan Information We allow payment plans for clients with acceptable credit and upon proof of current job information. We may run a credit check. The payment option and monthly payment amount are negotiable. There is a minimum down payment of $500 to $1,000 for cases with likely attorney fees of $2,500 or less. Many cases have $300 per month payment plan.  Criminal, Deportation, or Divorce cases generally require higher down payment. A payment plan structure is negotiated during at the time of hiring. Payment plans are set such that you are paid off by the time your case ends. Thus, cases with shorter likely term require higher down payment. Talk to us during your initial meeting.

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