Our Typical Fees

Type Of Case
Level of Service
AA-101 Initial Phone Consultation (40 Minutes) $40
AA-102 Review of Decision or 2nd Opinion (up to 1 hour) $200
BB-101 Bankruptcy, starting at $2,500
CD-101 Criminal Defense, minor charge - 2 hearings $2,500
CD-102 Criminal Defense, major charge $3,500+
NA-104 Naturalization - Advice, Prepare, File & Attend Interview $1,600
NA-105 Naturalization - with criminal, presence or other single issues $2,500
MGC-104 Marriage or Family Based Green Card or Adjustment $2,650
MGC-105 Employment Permit with Application $500
CR-102 Removal of Condition on Green Card $1,600
CR-104 Removal of Condition with Divorce and Waiver $4,500
IPA-101 Preparation and Attend in-person Interview $1,000
H1B-102 H-1B Visa - Advice, Prepare & File Petition, 5 or more $1,500
EP-103 Employment Based Petition - Advice, Prepare & File PERM & I-140 Petition $4,500