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Deportation Defense Attorney in Michigan, Detroit and Grand Rapids

Deportation is a civil proceeding in which the Immigration Court orders a non-U.S. citizen, or “alien,” to be removed from the United States for violation of certain immigration or criminal laws. The process of deportation can be highly stressful and frightening. You will be facing US government attorneys who are experienced in matters of deportation law and you need to have an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate deportation defense attorney at your side to fight for you. The deportation defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Rathi and Associates stand ready to assist you from beginning to end to fight the deportation charges against you. We offer you a free consultation to listen to your side of the story and to assist you in understanding your legal options.

There are usually one of two reasons why you have violated immigration law and may be facing deportation. The first is that you have an unlawful presence in the country. As you probably know, in order to stay in the United States lawfully, you need to qualify and hold a valid visa, green card, or other official permission documentation from the U.S. immigration authorities. Depending on how long you have stayed illegally, you may be deported and barred from returning for three years or ten years. In certain situations, we can seek legal forgiveness in the form of a waiver to these time bars.

Another common reason for deportation is being convicted of a criminal offense. You may be considered deportable if you are convicted of moral turpitude, fraud, larceny or intent to harm another as well or aggravated felonies like intent to rob or kill, spousal abuse or aggravated DUI. source: http://www.nolo.com

Types of relief that may be available include:
– Bond (release from custody while removal is pending)
– Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents
– Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents
– Waiver
– Adjustment
– Voluntary Departure

Any one of these forms of relief may be an option for a foreign national looking to remain in the United States.

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