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Immigration Lawyer in Michigan

Immigration Attorneys

There are many benefits to obtaining a United States Green Card and the immigration attorneys at The Law Offices of Rathi and Associates are dedicated to serving those in need of one. In addition to the tremendous benefits, becoming a permanent resident of the United States carries certain responsibilities as well.

The first benefit is that you will be able to live permanently in the United States and pursue the American Dream and to do so indefinitely provided you obey the law. You will continue to be removable from the country should you commit certain crimes or illegal actions. You will be able to work in the United States, start a business or make investments, however, you’ll need to file state and federal income tax returns every year to the Internal Revenue Service and State Income Tax Authorities. You will be protected by the laws of the Federal, State and Local governments where you live and you will be required to support our democratic way of life and not attempt to change our government by illegal means. Green Card holders 18-25 years of age must also register at their local post office for the Selective Service.

Further benefits of holding a Green Card is that you can offer it as proof of permanent residency in the United States to potential employers as well as allowing you to apply for a Social Security Benefits Card and a Driver’s Licence issued by the state where you reside. If you leave the United States and re-enter within one year, all that is needed is that you show your Green Card. If you stay out of the country longer than one year you’ll need to first get a re-entry permit.

We also help those who hold a conditional, 2-year Green Card to remove the restrictions to permanent residency. We can help you to accurately complete and submit the correct forms whether you are a family-based or an investment-based conditional permanent resident. Our immigration attorney help you to replace your green card should it become lost or stolen, or if you have since turned 14 years old from the time you initially received your card.

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